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Back to School! Do you think you're a hotshot when it comes to vocabulary? Do you think that just because you learned a bunch of words a long time ago, you mastered the English language? You mastered nothing, bucko. If anything, you need to start taking some refresher courses, which is why you're about to be enrolled in Word U, the world's first university devoted entirely to the art of spelling.

The Spelling's the Thing

There are tons of words to spell here at Word U, but only so many letters to spell them with. Can you find the words hidden within the jumbles?

  • Complete hundreds of levels and spell thousands of words.
  • Trace the letters in the jumble with your finger to form all the words they can form.
  • Take your time with strategic list-based spelling puzzles, or spell hard and fast in the time-attack bonus rounds.
  • Earn coins to buy hints just in case you get in a jam
  • Summon the dictionary to look up all your hard-earned words.
  • And more!

Earn Your Word Degree Today!

Spelling might be one of the earliest skills we pick up on in our lives, but it's something even the best of us trip over from time to time. If you don't want that to happen to you, then enroll in Word U today. It'll challenge you, it'll make you think, and it just might help you brush up on the old lexicon.

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