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Mahjong World Contest 2
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Take part in a Mahjong tournament. Complete more than 100 unique levels of varied difficulty and flow, earning points and experience. Dive into a scattering of gold tiles! Increase your rating and move up the ladder of Champions. The main character, an inveterate Mahjong fan, is participating in the world Modern Mahjong Puzzle tournament. The tournament is split into several tours. And to take part in each of the tours, you have to have a corresponding rating. On each level, you have to remove the gold tiles. There are many of them in Mahjong World Contest, and this makes the game more interesting and adds variety to the deals. Experienced players will enjoy levels with wandering tiles. The levels are balanced according to the number of suits: there are classical levels with a full set of 7 suits, and there are levels where progress is increased by a reduced number of suits.

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