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JumpStart Advanced Preschool Fundamentals
Download JumpStart Advanced Preschool Fundamentals game for PC

Download JumpStart Advanced Preschool Fundamentals Free Game 100%

Editor's Update (10/22/14) – JumpStart no longer offers free downloads for the PC and is instead focusing on paid mobile games.  However, there is a free online JumpStart game for kids at JumpStart.com

Educational and Fun Early Learning Activities!

Through engaging and fun animated computer activities, your children develop their abilities in all the early learning skills with Jumpstart Advanced Preschool Fundamentals!

Phonics, vocabulary, music, and math are just a few of the areas where your children can get a head start and impress their preschool teachers.

The content of Jumpstart Advanced Preschool Fundamentals is based on strict state educational standards, so you know your kids are getting the best instruction possible!

Engaging Gameplay Keeps Children Interested

Do you have trouble getting your kids excited about learning? If so, you're not alone, but Jumpstart Advanced Preschool Fundamentals was conceived and designed with that exact problem in mind. The game was made just for you!

Tailored to each child's individual learning style, Jumpstart Advanced Preschool Fundamentals includes a unique motivational system of rewards. Each time your child completes a task, his or her adorable on-screen animal character is rewarded with a snack or a toy. Kids love it, and it always keeps them coming back for more great learning!

Easy-to-use Ways for Parents to Follow Growth and Progress

Being involved with your child's development won't be a problem since you'll enjoy seeing the enjoyment and satisfaction they get out of playing. Still, Jumpstart Advanced Preschool Fundamentals also provides you with ways to keep close tabs on, and thus help aid, their learning.

A number of skill levels for each activity provides paths to advance as well as variety in choosing where to start. The game also includes an in-game assessment test and regular progress reports which can be printed out and looked over by the whole family!

Give your kids the confidence, experience, and knowledge base to start a successful school career, only with Jumpstart Advanced Preschool Fundamentals.

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