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JumpStart Advanced 2nd Grade Fundamentals
Download JumpStart Advanced 2nd Grade Fundamentals game for PC

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Editor's Update (10/22/14) – JumpStart no longer offers free downloads for the PC and is instead focusing on paid mobile games.  However, there is a free online JumpStart game for kids at JumpStart.com

Thwart Dr. O and Save Mount Jumpmore!

The terrible Dr. O is making mischief! This time, the villain painted mustaches on the faces of Mount Jumpmore! The JumpStart Intelligence Agency needs your help to travel around the world collecting gadget pieces to complete the Soapy Shooter. It's time to make those mustaches history!

This fun, colorful adventure will delight all types of children in second grade or approaching second grade with its amusing characters, educational activities and worldwide travel.

Fun Activities Teach Vital Skills

Kids start out by answering questions about their likes and dislikes to determine their learning style, which then affects gameplay. Kids can have fun improving their math, language arts, science and art skills at each stop around the world.

Specifically, this game works on addition, subtraction, money, time, pre-algebra and more. It also focuses on contractions, synonyms, reading comprehension, alphabetical order and more.

Kids can visit amazing places like Antarctica and learn about life cycles or Africa for some language arts challenges. By clicking on items in the screen, like a Mayan temple in South America, kids can learn interesting historical and geographical facts, too.

Attractive and Educational

The cartoon-like characters and charming graphics will ensnare kids' attention and they'll be having so much fun that they won't even realize how much they're learning! Parents will realize it, though, and feel rewarded as kids learn new skills, improve old skills and recite amazing information.

Start your kid on a worldwide, educational adventure now with JumpStart Advanced 2nd Grade Fundamentals!

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