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Official Game Overview:

A pulsating blast of superheated plasma explodes less than a hundred meters from your starboard side. The heat of the blast dissipates rapidly off the shields of your starfighter, cocooning you in a nimbus of liquid fire. Even then, you can feel a wave of warmth wash over you, reminding you again of the deadly nature of this so-called competition.

Welcome to the Harmotion Tournament.

Take the role of one of the most elite starfighter pilots in the TICKs Empire, and battle your way up the ranks for the right to lead the forces of GNAT against the bug-hating population of Earth!

A 3D top-down shooter designed in the classic shoot-em 'up style, Harmotion will take you on a wild ride of coruscating lights and dynamic player-directed music and sound; a game for all your senses.

Engage fellow participants in single or team-based battles, or enjoy Harmotion's exciting single player experience. Advance yourself through ranks, earn medals and trophies, compare your statistics against other competitors and prove that you're the best of the best!

Game Features:

  • Extreme "melt your eyeballs" modern graphics and effects.
  • An online cooperative and player vs. player "coin-op" experience
  • Interactive Music and Sound Effects that adapt to the player's actions
  • Collaboration of music and colors between players
  • Radically different Races

    • Distinctive ships w/ customizable colors
    • Distinct weapons
    • Different music genres
  • Fun and engaging items and power-ups
  • Online Stats, Rankings and Leaderboards
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