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A ton of robot vacuums also claim to mop, but these 6 hybrids actually do their job

Is it really a deep clean if you don't seal the deal with some mopping?
By Leah Stodart and Timothy Beck Werth  on 
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Despite the enthusiasm of actors in Swiffer commercials, few people are champing at the bit to go over their freshly vacuumed floors with a manual mop. There's just something about taking the time to pull yet another handheld device out of a closet that rightfully earns a collective groan.

It was only a matter of time before robot vacuum companies added mopping to the menu. Since 2020-ish, countless companies (the few brands you recognize, plus a ton you don't) have added at least one hybrid model to their lineup, with prices ranging from $100 or two to well over $1,000. Whether the wet mopping feature does much more than create a puddle is another story — often, you end up getting a mediocre vacuum and a mediocre mop for twice the price.

Fortunately, there are some robot mops that excel at making dry floors gleam. Below, we’re outlining some of the best robot mop combos on the market right now — including the standout features that set them apart.

Thanks to the company’s new twin-engine technology, the X8 is the best Eufy robot vacuum we’ve tested yet. It sucked up 100% of debris even along edges, and this vacuum does a fantastic job of eliminating dust and hair. In Mashable’s mopping tests, the X8 was able to remove stains and scrub floors better than most hybrid vacuums.

As you’d expect from Eufy, the company’s robot vacuums are packed with smart features. One standout here is the LiDAR laser mapping, which creates an accurate map of your home so you can designate specific rooms and zones. With a (relatively) modest price tag, it’s a smart robot vacuum and mop that won’t let you down.

The Good

The Bad


A robot vacuum-mop hybrid that goes as far as to ensure that dirty mopping pads aren't being dragged across the floor takes autonomous mopping to a whole new level. The Roborock S8 Pro Ultra empties its own dust bin, refills its own water tank (swapping dirty water for clean when necessary), and not only washes, but also dries its own mop pads, correcting the biggest downfall of the older S7 MaxV Ultra. The dock, though still obnoxiously sized, has also undergone a chic redesign to better disguise the triad of water tanks. Boosted suction on carpet is also more intense: 6,000 Pa versus the older model's 5,100.

At $1,599.99, the S8 Pro Ultra is currently the most expensive robot vacuum on the mainstream market. Its menu of specs is almost identical to that of the Ecovacs Deebot X1 Omni, which is frequently on sale for less than $1,000 after a year on the market. But even on sale, we'd probably still advise opting for the $1,599.99 Roborock to avoid the IRL frustrations that come with the X1 Omni.

The Good

The Bad


Looking for a robot vacuum and mop hybrid that offers self-emptying — without a $1,000 price tag? Then you’ll want to take a closer look at the L35 Hybrid. In our testing, the new L35+ is incredibly easy to set up, and the EufyClean app makes it easy to create a map of your home and control your new robot vacuum. Unlike most budget models, the L35 boasts LiDAR laser navigation and mapping.

While the L35+ offers impressive suction (3,200pa), we found that the Eufy X8 performed slightly better at cleaning tests. The L35+ struggled just slightly with cleaning around edges, and while it’s a hybrid model that includes a mopping pad, it only offers a light mopping for your floors. It lacks the sonic cleaning you get with the Shark AI Ultra, and it can’t lift up its mop like the Roomba j7+. Eufy’s newest bot isn’t the only hybrid model that offers self-emptying and mopping for under $400, but it is one of the few worth buying.

The Good

The Bad


The Shark AI Ultra 2-in-1 really surprised us, earning its spot among the very best robot vacuum and mops. Without self-emptying, this robot vacuum and mop costs just $450, or under $300 on sale. Compared to the Roborock S7 ($650), the iRobot Roomba j7+ Combo ($1,100) and the Ecovacs Deebot X1 Omni ($1,500), that’s firmly in the budget category. Despite its budget status, the Shark AI Ultra proved to be an extremely effective robot mop. With Matrix Cleaning activated, the mopping pad vibrates 100 times per minute and goes over the desired area from several angles.

The Shark AI Ultra 2-in-1 aced Mashable’s cleaning tests. This smart cleaning bot effectively scooped up dust and debris, and the Shark Sonic Mopping pad made floor stains disappear. That’s because in addition to water, the Shark AI Ultra comes with a cleaning solution, which gives you the extra mopping power you need for a true deep clean.

The Good

The Bad


Read our full review of the Eufy G30 Hybrid.

Eufy has a lot of different robot vacuums and hybrid models, which can make it tough to choose the right model. If you want a super-affordable robot vacuum and mop, then consider the Eufy G30 Hybrid. In the Mashable review, we noted that this is a solid and reliable floor cleaner with mopping capabilities, although you do lose out on features that are now standard with newer robot vacuums.

The G30 can’t create a map of your home, which means no zone cleaning or advanced navigation. In addition, the 2,000pa suction power is definitely on the low end for a vacuum. However, this could be an excellent choice for apartment dwellers who want a quiet robot vacuum that doesn’t need advanced navigation. For a smarter robot vacuum from Eufy, consider the more expensive L35 Hybrid(opens in a new tab) or the new X8 Hybrid(opens in a new tab).

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The Bad


Read our full review of the iRobot Roomba Combo j7+.

The robot vacuum that's least likely to eat your phone charger is now also the least likely to soak your carpet. In Oct. 2022, iRobot announced a mopping version of its smartest, the well-reviewed j7+ — the first true hybrid Roomba. The Combo j7+ looks nearly identical to the original, but with the addition of what looks like the spoiler on a sports car. That's the retractable mop.

iRobot's PrecisionNavigation allow the j7+ to perceive obstacles that other robot vacuums plow right into. Those smarts extend to sensing carpet in mop mode, too: Instead of letting the mop hover and risking drips, the Combo j7+ lifts its mop on top of the vacuum itself.

Unfortunately, unlike some similarly-priced premium vacs from Roborock or Ecovacs that wash their own mopping pads, you'll be responsible for your Roomba not dragging dirty pads around.

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How we tested

Mashable product reviewers have tested a lot of robot vacuums in recent years, from $150 budget models that mindlessly zig-zag back and forth to $1,500 cleaning robots that can do double duty as home security guards. However, testing hybrid robot vacuums and mops requires some additional steps. 

For this review, we separately tested several bots’ ability to vacuum and mop on hardwood, rugs, and tiles. When cleaning up dry waste, we scattered debris (specifically, Cocoa Pebbles) around the floor and along the edges of a wall to test suction and edge cleaning. When that process was complete, we then stained the floor with a small patch of syrup. We wanted to see how well these bots could handle a stubborn stain, which isn’t what they’re designed to do. 

We found that in order to effectively mop, the best hybrid models needed to do more than rub a wet mop pad across your floor. The Shark AI Ultra 2-in-1(opens in a new tab), the best mopper we tested for this guide, used a combination of sonic scrubbing and floor cleaning solution for a deep clean that other bots couldn’t match.

However, to earn a spot in our guide to the best robot vacuum and mop hybrids, these cleaning machines had to do more than vacuum and mop. We also tested their navigation capabilities, obstacle avoidance, self-emptying, and smart-mapping features. For devices with special features such as sonic mopping, carpet detection, or spot cleaning, we also tried out these functions to ensure they could actually deliver what they promised.

In our testing, we found that the best hybrid robot vacuums offered a combination of essential features — effective mapping and navigation, carpet detection, sonic mopping, and self-emptying. We chose to include a handful of robot vacuums that offered some of these features even though we weren’t able to test them for this story (yet). All of these chosen products are made by companies with a proven reputation for delivering high-quality products (we recommend avoiding unknown budget brands in this product category).

Frequently Asked Questions

A mopping robot's value is pretty indisputable — if it can actually mop as well as it promises. Most robot mops include a disclaimer along these lines: “Not meant to be used for stubborn, sticky, or set-in stains.” Of course, those types of floor stains are the exact reason you own a mop in the first place. So if you want to invest in a robot vacuum and mop, we recommend avoiding most budget models in favor of more advanced cleaning bots.

The traditional mop and bucket is a logistical headache, and constantly tossing out Swiffer pads feels wasteful. If you're going to pay to take the tedious motion of vacuuming off of your to-do list, you may as well let the same bot finish the job with a nice sparkle. The best robot vacuum and mops may not scrub with as much oomph as your own two hands, but they can make your floors shine a bit more than they normally would.

At their core, robot vacuum-mop combos are really just robot vacuums with an attached water reservoir and scrubbing pad. Thus, they work just like robot vacuums but dispense water for mopping when they're not sucking up dust. When you want to finish your freshly-vacuumed floors with a shine, you fill the water tank up and attach a cloth or pad to the bottom and the bot will navigate your floors to clean up the extra dirt. Some, of course, are better than others about lifting the cloth when they approach carpet and ceasing water flow automatically.

For the most effective clean, look for models that can accommodate cleaning fluid in addition to regular water. Likewise, robot mops that incorporate a scrubbing motion will do a better job at lifting away dirt and grime.

Choosing the best robot vacuum mop for you really depends on your lifestyle and the budget you’re looking to stick with. Whether you’re looking for something that will tackle big messes with ease, or something that you can set and forget, there are a few key factors to keep in mind:

Battery life: A 90 to 100-minute battery life should be sufficient to cover an apartment in one charge, or if most of your cleaning will be done on a room-by-room basis. Battery life of 170 to 200 minutes isn't hard to find and would be ideal for square footage over 1,500. Even the cheapest robot vacuums nowadays should recharge on their own and automatically resume cleaning.

Floor-type sensors: A robot vacuum's ability to adjust suction based on floor type is important even just in the dry sweeping realm. But for robot mops, this is what will keep your carpets from getting soggy. Most hybrids automatically start to mop once their water tank is attached, but only the smarter ones know to pause the water flow and lift their wet cloth above the carpet. Bots that remember your rooms or follow virtual boundaries can be programmed to avoid carpeted areas while mopping altogether.

Smart mapping: A robot vacuum's navigation tech decides whether or not it's equipped to adhere to virtual boundaries (or stuck with those ugly magnetic strips). Currently, the golden standard is LiDAR: a laser that scans different points in your home to determine where walls are. Once the robot vacuum has made its rounds and gotten its bearings, it draws a floor plan that you can refer to in the app to send the bot to clean specific rooms or set up zones that you'd like the bot to avoid, like a pile of toys or your pet's water bowl.

Dust bin size and self-emptying: You’ll want to make sure the dust bin and water reservoir in your robot vacuum-mop combo are an appropriate match for your home. If you’re living in a condo, apartment, or other small space, you probably won’t need a massive vacuum reservoir. If you’re hoping to cover an entire house, you’ll probably want to look for something that you won’t have to empty out after every single cleaning session. A self-emptying vacuum will come in clutch here, which automatically empties its debris into a dock and leaves you off the hook for a month or two.

Leah Stodart
Leah Stodart
Senior Shopping Reporter

Leah Stodart is a Senior Shopping Reporter at Mashable. She covers shopping trends, gift ideas, and products that make life easier, specializing in vacuums, TVs, and sustainable swaps. She graduated from Penn State University in 2016 and is watching horror movies or "The Office" when she’s not shopping online herself. You can follow her on Twitter at @notleah(opens in a new tab).

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